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West Indies Legends vs South Africa Legends, 4th Match


West Indies Legends vs South Africa Legends, 4th Match

McLaren to Benn, out Caught by Jonty Rhodes!! Dug in brief, Benn pulls laborious, does not get the required elevation and holes out at deep mid-wicket. A dolly for skipper Jonty Rhodes. Benn c Jonty Rhodes b McLaren 1(2)

McLaren to Hooper, FOUR, off-pace size ball outdoors off, Hooper throws his bat at it and flies off the surface edge. Morkel runs again from brief third man and will get a hand on it. However, finally ends up parrying it to the third man fence


van der Wath to Finestout Caught by van Wyk!! Off-speed brief ball outdoors off, Finest goes for the pull and will get a prime edge. van Wyk settles underneath it and gathers it with ease. Finest c van Wyk b van der Wath 11(12) [4s-1]


McLaren to FinestFOUR, to 3rd man, pacy full ball simply outdoors off, Finest comes down the observe and strikes leg-side. Throws his bat at it and fantastically flays it over backward level


Albie Morkel to Hooper, SIX, fullish ball, Hooper walks ahead and throughout to whip it over cow nook. Ah, that aptitude! Sensible shot


Albie Morkel to Ridley Jacobs, out Caught by van Wyk!! Third wicket within the over. Again of a size ball slanted throughout, Jacobs tries to run it down to 3rd man and solely manages an out of doors edge. Straightforward seize for the keeper. Ridley Jacobs c van Wyk b Albie Morkel 0(1)


Albie Morkel to Powell, out Powell Run Out!! Powell walks ahead and throughout to whip and misses this in-angler. There is a large shout for lbw and it has been struck down. In the meantime, Powell wanders out of his crease seeking a single. van Wyk collects the ball and scores a direct hit to catch Powell wanting his floorPowell run out (van Wyk) 30(17) [4s-1 6s-2]


Albie Morkel to Powell, FOUR, pitched up outdoors off, powerfully pushed and uppishly. Via the vacant further cowl area and long-off cannot get reduce it off


Albie Morkel to Hyatt, out Caught by Martin Jaarsveld!! Slower ball, Hyatt swings his bat to try to slog it over deep mid-wicket. The ball lobs up off the periphery. Jaarsveld takes just a few steps again from backward level to gobble it up. Hyatt c Martin Jaarsveld b Albie Morkel 14(13) [6s-1]


Garnett Kruger to Hyatt, SIX, in-angling size ball, Hyatt performs an outstanding pick-up shot! Makes use of his wrists to wallop it over deep mid-wicket. Corridor ran to his left from deep sq. leg and leapt, however the ball sailed over him


Paul Harris to Powell, SIX, full and within the slot, Powell will get down on one knee and bludgeons it over cow nook. That is a large hit


Corridor to Powell, SIX, fuller than good size, Powell flogs it over deep mid-wicket. An in-slanter within the slot and Powell got here ahead to whip it away


Paul Harris to Lara, out Bowled!! Cleaned up! Lara perishes whereas attempting to play a shot. He comes down the observe to slog throughout the road and will get overwhelmed by the spin. It was floated up outdoors off and the ball spun previous the within edge to crash into off. Lara b Paul Harris 4(8)


Corridor to Lara, 1 run, super cowl drive, within the air for some time and Gibbs dives away to his proper! Bursts by way of his arms in direction of further cowl for a single


Paul Harris to Daren Ganga, out Bowled! Knocked him over! Has a full swing throughout the road, eyeing the cow nook fence, and the arm-ball goes straight by way of, skidding onto previous the bat to knock again the leg-stump. Daren Ganga b Paul Harris 31(32) [4s-5]


McLaren to Daren Ganga, FOUR, brief and extensive, carved away with ease to deep backward level for 4


Paul Harris to Chanderpaul, out Caught by Corridor! A powerful catch by the veteran all-rounder, as he picks up Chanderpaul’s top-edged sweep shot at deep sq. leg to ship the Proteas right into a frenzy! The ever-deadly Chanderpaul departs! Chanderpaul c Corridor b Paul Harris 21(17) [4s-4]


Garnett Kruger to Chanderpaul, FOUR, will get that backfoot throughout once more, and carves that away expertly, beating Jonty Rhodes to the deep backward level fence for 4


Albie Morkel to Daren Ganga, FOUR, on the hip, and that is completely positioned previous sq. leg for 4! It isn’t typically a backfoot leg look goes for 4, however the timing on this was supreme!


Albie Morkel to Daren Ganga, FOUR, he is clubbed this on the up, picks it up from a size and flays this by way of the hole within the further cowl area for 4


Albie Morkel to Daren Ganga, FOUR, shortish and into the intestine, and that is pulled away in direction of the cow nook fence for 4


van der Wath to Daren Ganga, FOURfirst runs off van der Wath, and that is a terrific shot! A leg-stump half-volley, and he is crunched the look by way of cow nook for 4!


Garnett Kruger to Chanderpaul, FOUR, it is this that is lacking within the fashionable period. You want no muscle or hours on the health club for this; simply timing and charm. Transfers his weight onto the duvet drive and pierces the hole expertly for 4


Garnett Kruger to Chanderpaul, FOUR, brief ball, and he is learn the size so rapidly! Will get onto the backfoot, and you understand he is at all times front-on – nails the pull in entrance of deep sq. leg for 4


Garnett Kruger to Chanderpaul, 1 run, brief and extensive, carved away to the most effective fielders on the planet, final millennium! A throw on the non-striker’s finish, however Kruger has deflected that unwittingly away from the stumps to offer the batsman a life!


Garnett Kruger to Chanderpaul, FOUR, full and extensive, and regardless of the unorthodox stance, the rules of batting prevail, because the again leg goes in direction of the off-stump and he scythes that behind level for 4!


van der Wath to Daren Ganga, no run, a lot motion to finish a maiden! A size ball that is drilled proper again to the bowler who fluffs an opportunity to get the primary wicket-maiden of the event. He’ll need to make do with the event‘s first maiden.


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