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All bowlers should do it without any fear: Shamsi backs Ashwin on Mankading


South African spinner Tabraiz Shamsi has backed India’s R Ashwin and said that bowlers should run out batsmen leaving their crease without any fear.

Ashwin, who had faced severe criticism for mankading Rajasthan Royals’ batsman, Jos Buttler, in IPL 2019, recently had a debate on social media on how to even out the contest between batsman and bowlers in the modern game.

Shamsi came out in support of Ashwin, saying that it is the batters who are going against the spirit of the game and bowlers should run them out when they attempt to steal a few extra yards.

“I think all bowlers should do it without any fear.. its within the rules of the game,” wrote Shamsi on Twitter.

“Why must the bowlers get abused about “spirit of cricket” when it’s actually the batsmen that are stealing yards and THAT is against the spirit of cricket”

“That’s the real truth,” he added.

Earlier Ashwin had also called for ‘a free ball’ every time a batter leaves the crease. According to the off-spinner, ten runs should be docked from the bowlers’ figures and overall total every time a non-striker leaves the crease early.

Mankading is a rare occurrence in cricket and has happened four times in Test cricket, five times in ODIs, one occasion in T20Is, and once in IPL.


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