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WTC Final: Why Ravindra Jadeja was out despite Neil Wagner’s back foot crossing the return crease


Ravindra Jadeja’s dismissal on Day 6 of the World Test Championship final drew sharp reactions from fans after several of them wondered if Neil Wagner’s delivery was a no-ball due to the placement of his back-foot.


Wagner, who was charging in at Jadeja, peppered the southpaw with some brilliant short-pitched bowling. Wagner’s strategy reaped rewards when Jadeja poked at one that was angled across him and got an outside edge to Watling who gobbled it up easily.

While the Black Caps celebrated the wicket, a lot of fans on social media were crying foul that Wagner’s back foot had crossed the return crease, and hence it was a no-ball.

Replays showed that Wagner had indeed crossed over the return crease before delivering the ball, but the decision stood even after an umpire referral.

However, there was no error and Wagner wasn’t on the wrong side of the law. His foot had landed fine before it crossed over the line, which meant the delivery was legitimate.

What does the law say?

According to guardians of the game, MCC, the landing position of the foot is the decider in arriving at the no-ball call or a delivery to be fair in respect of the feet, in the delivery stride,

21.5.1 the bowler’s back foot must land within and not touching the return crease appertaining to his/her stated mode of delivery


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